Our Story


The Landies story starts in Buffalo, New York, AKA the City of Good Neighbors, where the Szramas started the first family food business nearly 100 years ago.

After decades of making the typical chocolate-covered pretzel, Larry Szrama had an “aha” moment while working in the candy kitchen. Larry looked into the holes of one of their jumbo twist pretzels and said to himself “these holes are here for something, let's stuff them.”

The family got busy making the first samples of their new stuffed pretzel creation and advanced from a turkey baster to a high-tech squeeze bottle.

As friends and family started to taste the new confectionary marvel, it quickly became apparent that Landies was onto what would quickly become its signature creation.

Larry's “Aha!" moment when he realized pretzels don't just have to be covered; they can be stuffed too!

Today, Landies’ ooey gooey signature stuffed pretzels bring smiles to faces and taste buds all across this great land. We invite you to come on in today and discover your favorite flavors. Enjoy, and thank you from the Szrama family and all the wonderful Landies team in Buffalo, New York.